Guru Drakpo, (English: Wrathful Teacher) fierce Padmasambhava, from the Terma (Revealed Treasure) Lineage of Nyang Ral Nyima Ozer (1124-1192).

Very fierce, red in color, with one face and three eyes, he has a gaping mouth and yellow hair flowing upward. The right hand holds upraised a black vajra sceptre, the left a nine-headed black scorpion. Adorned with a crown, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of gold and numerous writhing snakes, he wears a garland of heads and an elephant skin draped across the shoulders. A tiger skin covers the lower body. With the right leg bent and left extended atop a seat of two prone figures, a sun disc, multi-coloured lotus blossom and dharmakara, he stands surrounded by the orange flames of pristine awareness.

"From the wrathful mandala of natural great bliss, Padma Krodha, with a red-black blazing body, one face, two hands, two legs outstretched; homage to the form of the terrifying Fierce One." (Nyingma Liturgical Verse).


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