There is a beautiful description of the meeting Yeshe Tsogyel with Princess Mandarava which coming from "Sky Dancer, the secret life and songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel":

"Then it was that the former consort of Guru Rinpoche, an Awareness Dakini, the Queen of the Siddhas, the Knowledge Holder Dungmen Gyelmo, known also as the Divine Consort, the Flower Mandarava came from India. Emerging from the sky with her six disciples, she greeted me. She stayed with me for thirty-nine human days, and we exchanged and tightened our precepts, making endless discussion on the dharma.

In particular, Mandarava asked me for the twenty-seven secret precepts, special teaching, which the Guru had not given in India, and I asked Mandarava, who was a Dakini of Long-life, a Lord of Life, for the seven secret precepts upon the Accomplishment of Long-life, and thirty-three further secret precepts concerning Hayagriva and other deities. All these teachings I concealed as treasures to be revealed in the future. Then I offered these verses to Mandarava:

OM AH HUNG! 0 Dakini, you have attained an immortal

vajra-body -
Your body dances in the sky like a rainbow
And with skill you move unimpeded through concrete form.
You have destroyed the devil Lord of Death
And conquered the devil Embodiment;
You are liberated from the bondage of passion
And you have annihilated the Godling Devil:
You are surely a Dakini Mistress of Life.
You have attained the Body of Pure Pleasure by means of all
the best elixirs
In the three realms beneath the Highest Heaven.
Mandarava, Magnificent Symbol of Emptiness,
Mother of beings, to you I bow down.
To human beings with the constant karma of rebirth and death,
Treading the waterwheel of continual delusion,
You close the door of descent;
May this prayer to emulate you be fulfilled.
Karma exhausted, worldly pleasure at an end, all taint of
delusion erased,
The three realms and all of samsara extinguished, and all
fictional projection withdrawn,
Sealed by pleasure in the sphere of pure pleasure,
May we be one with Kuntuzangpo's pure pleasure.

After this I made many wish-fulfilling prayers and requested the various teachings that had not been heard previously in Tibet. The Divine Consort, Queen of Siddhas, Mandarava, replied in this way:
O Sky-dancer, you have mastery of the Tantra;
O shape-shifter, you have dissolved your corporeal impurity
in immaculate space;
You drank the nectar of Pema's precepts, gathering essences:
Surely you are the Great Mother of Perfect Wisdom!
You entered the path of seeing the truth of the teaching;
You repudiated the eight petty preoccupations of this life;
You performed the austerity of extracting and consuming essences,
And reduced the universe and its energy to sameness:
I bow down to you, Tsogyel, immaculate maiden.
Through your skill in ascetic yoga you have liberated beings,
Sinful beings, blown by the storm of karma and slaves to endless samsara!
You have established the Buddha's teaching,
Destroying Bonpos of demonic form and distorted vision:
May I be one with you/ Mistress of Powerful Magic.
Hereafter, purity suffusing the sphere of purity,
In your field of lotus-light,
You and I will project emanations of Buddha's karma
As light-forms of Guru Pema Skull-Garland's compassion:
May we empty the depths of the three realms of samsara.


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