DHAMCHEN DORJE LEGPA (dam can rdo rje legs pa)

The birth history of this great Dharma protector, Dhamchen Dorje Legpa, who is known as the reincarnation of the Great Heruka, is told thus. In the time of Buddha Woesung (sangs rgyas 'od srung) he was born in an aristocratic family. When he grew up, he took Ge-nyen vows (dge bsnyen, religious vows taken by laymen as distinguished from those in the monastic order) from Buddha Woesung and achieved the Bodhisattva way of life.

At one time, he stole a goat from his neighbor, took it to the cemetery and there killed the animal and ate its meat. He wore the goat skin, killed all males he came across and fornicated with all the females he came across. Remaining thus, he one day took the meat of a deer that had died after consuming poison. As a result he too died.

After transmigrating from that birth he was born the son of a demon called Zamin Karma (gza' smin dkar ma). He grew up to be of unrivalled power and daring and killed countless number of sentient beings. Palden Damdin was angered by this and flung his handstaff at him. It struck him in the head, which cracked, and his soul passed into the Pure Realm (dag zhing).

Thereafter when Lobpon Pema Jungney (Guru Padmasambhava) sat meditating in seclusion in a cave at a mountain called Yarigong (gya' ri gong) in India there came in the afternoon one day a white man riding a white lion, holding in hand a nine-pointed Vajra (rdo rje rtse dgu) and wearing a felt hat. He dismounted and without taking his hat off prostrated to Lobpon three times and then asked him, 'Do you recognize me?' Lobpon pretended that he did not and asked him who he was. He told him everything in detail and Lobpon was greatly pleased. After that he oath-bound him by putting the texts of the pledge on his head. He on his part vowed never to deviate from his oath. He offered Lobpon his life-heart and pledged to protect the Dharma. Later when Lobpon came to Tibet, Dorje Legpa received him. Lobpon once again oath-bound him to protect the tantra Dharma. Since that time Dorje Legpa is consider one of the main guardian of Nyingma (the Old School).


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