Rahula (Tib. kyab jug): wrathful protector of the Revealed Treasure Tradition. Fiercely wrathful, black in color, with nine heads, each face has three large eyes and a gaping mouth with exposed fangs. On the stomach is the large face of the original Rahula who devoured the nine celestial planets. The body is covered with numerous eyes. In the first pair of hands are a drawn bow and arrow. The second right holds aloft a makara stick and the left a snake lasso. Adorned with crowns of five skulls and gold earrings he wears a green scarf and various colored lower garments. The lower body is that of a coiled naga serpent, dark blue in color, rising out of a blood filled black triangle enclosure; surrounded by orange flames and black smoke. In a skullcup in front is a large triangular red torma offering (stylized food) with two more offering skullcups arranged at the sides of the enclosure.

"From a fierce E [syllable] in a realm equal to space, the Lord arises out of wrathful activity, smoky, with nine heads, four hands and a thousand blazing eyes; homage to the Great Rahula - Protector of the Teachings." (Nyingma liturgical verse).


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