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50,5x70,5 cm., (19,8x27,7 inches)

canvas, mineral colors, gold

Private collection, Russia


(tib. rNam-tos-sras)

       Vaishravana - the God of Wealth - is seated upon a white snow lion. His large, rounded body is golden-yellow in color and his expression stern. In his right hand he holds a banner of victory and in his left a mongoose, an animal associated with good fortune, which is shown vomiting jewels. Vaishravana is also known as Jambhala and in addition to being a god of wealth is also the Guardian King of the North. In this aspect he is often depicted on the outer walls of monasteries and temples, together with the three other protectors of the cardinal directions, as a safeguard against harmful interference.

   Mention has already been made of the popularity of this wealth deity and of the beneficial uses to which wealth can be put. But it is important to emphasize that even when one's wealth and possessions are being used for noble purposes, it is still the underlying motivation that determines whether such acts of generosity are truly meritorious or not.


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