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Finally, I managed to put some images of my last thangkas to the site. The five thangkas - different deities, compositions, sizes and detailes - took more then a year of my work. Believe, you keep enjoying with my art works.
Look at the
gallery to have impression!   

Many people asked me to publish a set of images good for they altars. I just did it. In the set of cards you will find different personages starting from Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava and going to Palden Lhamo, Tseu Marbo and Namto-srai.   Please, look at #0093.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of my visitors!!!

I just republished Buddhist Thangka Calendar for 2004 with adding of  titles and other stuff in English. And now it becmes cheaper! Go to look at # 0088.

Dear friends and visitors!
I was so busy with work in my studio all the summer that didn't have enough time to keep web-site
updated. Now, finally, I put in to the
gallery a few absolutely new  thangkas.  In the shop you may find also some new just published posters. Welcome!!!

And don't be shy to write me.

the shop you may find a few just published items such as a very beautiful  and colorful poster of Avalakiteshvara and twelve paged calendar for 2004 with different images of Buddhist iconography.
Just visit these pages to have an idea!

In the shop of posters and cards I added many new images from last thangkas such as Goma Devi, Simkhamukha and Guru Dragpur. All of them have different variations in sizes.

With my pleasure I want to say that Goma Devi thangka is finished. This is very important Deity in the lineage of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Explanations for this thangka Rinpoche kindly gave in Venezuela and Crimea retreats in 2002. I've painted this thangka with all my devotions and love to my Master.

Goma Devi

In the part of history of thangka was added explanations of meaning of "The wheel of life" written by Yeshe Lodoi Rinpoche.

Wheel of Life

the shop of posters and cards was added a few recently published thangkas. Just visit this part of the site and choose what you want to order!!! And also, look at some new drawings in gallery.

Next exhibition of my  thangkas will be open in Ulan-Ude 02.14.2003. The title of it is "Buddhist thangka painting - ecology of the soul".
Welcome all!

In gallery added new thangka:

  Yanchenma (Sarasvati)   Buddha, Maitreya and Manjushri

Exhibition of thangkas by Nick Dudka in Krasnoyarsk Art Museum will be open 11.29.2002. In the exhibition you may see last works of the author as well as drawings and materials for thangka paintings.

In gallery added new thangka:

Manjushri Avalokiteshvara Garab Dorje

Opening the shop of posters and cards.

Opening this site.
Copyright 2005, N. Dudka
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